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Money Mastery for Women Entrepreneurs: the Fundamentals

Everything you need to know about managing your small business money!

Are you a driven woman entrepreneur looking to take your small business to new financial heights (and happened to be one of the lucky ones who attended eWomen Denver Summit in May)? Introducing our comprehensive accounting course designed specifically for women entrepreneurs like you.

In our 8-week course, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the world of business finance with ease. From accounting fundamentals to budgeting strategies, we've got you covered.

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No More...

  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the financial side of your business.

  • Struggling to manage your books, create financial goals and budgets, analyze financial results.

  • Not having the financial knowledge and skills to confidently manage your business's finance.

  • Feeling unsure about the financial health of your business.

  • Not having efficient accounting systems and practices to streamline your financial processes.

The Details


Starts the week of July 10th (right after vacations) and goes for 8 weeks


There will be a weekly live training (which will be recorded), homework, and q&a sessions


This will be a group of women business owners looking to grow in a super safe and welcoming space


Your computer and the possibility for a live get together

What you'll get...

  • Build a strong foundation: Gain a solid understanding of accounting principles and techniques, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

  • Unlock financial insights: Learn to analyze financial statements, identify key performance indicators, and optimize profitability.

  • Master budgeting and forecasting: Create realistic budgets, develop accurate financial forecasts, and confidently plan for future growth.

  • Streamline cash flow management: Implement strategies to effectively manage cash flow, ensuring stability and seizing growth opportunities.

  • Improve financial organization: Establish efficient bookkeeping practices and leverage accounting software to streamline your financial processes.

  • Mitigate risks and ensure financial stability: Identify potential risks, implement risk management techniques, and safeguard your business's financial health.

  • Network and support: Connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs, forming a supportive community to share experiences, insights, and ongoing support.

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A little about me:

  • I am a CPA but don't let that fool you, I love adventure, travel and of course Excel

  • I am a mom of two young hockey playing boys

  • I am naturally extroverted which is not normal for accounts but I have been able to leverage my 20 years in the accounting and finance industry into a business where I get to actually talk with fun people. 

  • I firmly believe that finances can and should be fun and easy for business owners.

  • I love using my corporate background to empower entrepreneurs to exceed their financial goals.

  • Through my company, Trestle Consulting, I offer full service financial support; bookkeeping, tax prep, reporting and strategy (my favorite).

  • My belief: You are required to track your finances for taxes, you should leverage that info to hep you reach your goals.


I'm Colleen

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