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Tired of advisors that don't understand your business?


By focusing on getting to know you and your business thoroughly we work together to see where we can adjust to add value without interrupting what you have already worked so hard to build.  The priority is to build a road-map that will support your future dreams.

I'm Colleen.  I am a mother of two young boys, a wife and excel sheet obsessed.  I work with entrepreneurs helping them leverage their time and money so they can move onto their next adventure (or at least avoid burnout).


Do you find yourself asking...

Outdoors Meeting
        How do you create your next business while not letting the first one fail?
   What if I can't get enough money from selling my business?
       How can I go on vacation with out needing to constantly check in on the business?

What I have found...

Most entrepreneurs who want to move onto their next adventure don't know where to start.  They have spent years investing and building a business and now find themselves consumed by it. 
They are frustrated by how much the business depends on them and feel like the business will fail if they take a few days off, not to mention a two week vacation.  Often they have new projects on their mind but have no time or money to invest in them.  What they really want is to create freedom within their business and a profitable exit strategy.  They think the problem is that they don't have the right people in place, they aren't making enough money, or they just don't see a path forward.  They end up searching for the magic pill person they can hire who will come in an rescue them, the next tool that will fix an issue, the "right" software or application or they think that growing revenue will solve the problem. 
The real issue most owners face is that their business is too dependent on them or one other key person.  What they need to do is get clear on what they want to do with the business, create systems and structures that remove themselves from the operations and maximize the value of the business so they can either sell the business or return to loving what they have created.  Even if they are not sure how they want to move forward, maximizing the value and marketability of their business can create financial freedom. 
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