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5 Steps to Rekindling Passion in Your Business Today

Have you "lost that lovin' feeling" for your business?

Don't waste another day in a business that you are not passionate about.  It is possible to find joy in your business now and get clarity on what you should be doing going forward to maximize happiness.  Read on to get some tips on how you can do this yourself.

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5 Savvy Ways to Make Your Business Run More Efficiently (So You Can Enjoy Life)

Do you have enough time away from your business to really enjoy life?


One of the biggest challenges my clients deal with is finding the time to enjoy life.  They get caught up in running their business and can’t find a way to make the changes necessary to own their business. All too often, their business owns them. 

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Why It’s Important to Show Your Children What Loving Your Work Looks Like

Our children watch us closely (sometimes too closely) and they often emulate.  A great thing we can do for our children is to show them what a happy and fulfilled life looks like.  One of the largest aspects of our life is our work.

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Proof You Are Never Too Old to Do What You Love

Are you past your prime or just getting started?  


Some people get their best ideas in later life. After years of doing what’s expected of them, they’re ready for a change. They still have dreams and intend to follow them.

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- Jacqueline, Owner
Colleen is a wizard! I was stuck, trying to find a way to get out of my business. Trouble was, it was bringing in essential cash flow. How could I manage to start a new company that I was enthusiastic about while transitioning out of one that now left me cold? Within one 90-minute call, Colleen showed me ways to love my original business again! She asked probing questions and listened actively to my answers. Then she waved her magic wand and helped me outline not only “get started today” ideas, but also ways that I can continue to grow it in a way that’s aligned with my vision. With Colleen’s continued guidance, I’m now running my business with a passion I haven’t had in years! All the while, I’m preparing to hand the day-to-day operations to a manager within the next 18 months so that I can kickstart my new business idea. Without Colleen’s conjuring, I’d still be slugging along, feeling hopeless, and hating my business.”  
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