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Don't Go It Alone

Young Businesswomen

All business owners need someone (or many someones) on their side to support them on the incredibly difficult entrepreneurial journey.  Trestle thrives on supporting small women-owned businesses who think they are not a "real" business and are too small to deserve the collaboration of a CFO.  I am here to tell you, no matter what stage your business is in, you deserve that level of support and it can be that catalyst to empower you to go to the next level (and know you have the cashflow to do it).


How does it work?



This is where you go deep on the all the must haves in your business to ensure financial stability.  These are the fundamentals you need to have in place so you can sleep at night not worrying about making payroll, the IRS, or if that key member quits (the list can go on and on).



Now that you are in the thick of the scaling phase it is important to monitor and adjust, be adaptable.  The sooner you can identify potential opportunities or risks you are more likely able to take advantage and pivot in a timely manner.



Once the foundation is solid you can start to prepare for the growth phase.  These are the key steps that if implemented make the scale/growth phase go smoother.  These are the key items that if in place can eliminate many of the frantic emergencies that come with rapid growth.


Auto Pilot

Become the owner of the business at a distance. This is the ultimate entrepreneurs goal as you likely have another (or many other) business ideas, hobbies, passions, that you want to direct your energy towards. Get the business to make money without you and your opportunities really open up; own the business as a passive investment, sell the business, pass it on to a family member or employee...

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