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Get out of Your Biz Tool Kit

Increase cash-flow while spending less time in your business.

The 6 customized tools that will quickly streamline your business, help you easily generate more revenue and finally free you from your business... So you can truly and fully enjoy the financial and time freedom you deserve!

Six business strategy tools (excel & google docs)
  1. Purpose Goal Time Line
  2. Business Action Prioritizer (Time Block)
  3. Price Product Mix Planner
  4. Lead Tracking & Conversion
  5. Time Tracker (individual & team)
  6. Client Profitability
Training on how to use the tools
Support for customization
Six weekly zoom meetings that will last less than one hour
(all calls will be recorded and made available)
  1. Training
  2. Q&A
  3. Customization support
Access via email for support
Weekly poll to easily give feedback
Easy to implement tools to gain insight to your business
Clear direction on what you need to be doing in your business for success
No more monthly charges for a bunch of different applications that are more complex than you need
Less time learning, implementing and using these tools than other CRM, time tracking, and budgeting tools
Unlimited access via email to get support customizing the tools on your schedule (no need to schedule time for specific office hours that if you can't make you have to wait another week for support)
Chance to request changes/upgrades to the tools
Access to all future updates to the tools
Computer Action Prioritizer.png
mock-00058 (2).png


6 tools $1,500

Training $300

Customization Support $500

Total Value $2,300


Regular $997

Legendary Special  $547

One time Purchase $347

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